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real talk

i am grateful for all willing to communicate deeply, authentically, with the goal being personal mastery and integrity. for there in is Peace, Love, and Hope.


Today I am grateful for communication… for all those with the patience and wisdom of their strength to show up and communicate. If left to my own devices and imaginings, I truly would be a lost cause; a lost soul…. Continue Reading →

the best medicine

so much to be grateful for i am part of a loving family — i have a roof over my head new shoots, from seeds planted and cared for… even though we are heading into winter my belly full (but… Continue Reading →

the great adventure

many friends and my family know i’m going through it — have been for a while… and the funny thing is, i really have no idea what it is i’m moving through might it be madness? might it be divine?… Continue Reading →

simply put

i’m still traveling — i haven’t achieved the simplicity of the words i read yesterday yet… still have a ways to go i think simply put: the chaos and difficulties of being alive are going to happen to everyone on… Continue Reading →

what more is there… really?

i look around and i see only love; many varieties. i see chaos erupt, and friends gently and easily place it aside and let it rest – without drama. i am grateful for everything we are; for everything we are…… Continue Reading →

my eldest

My eldest daughter, Robyn, is inspirational—she is amazing. She waves her hand and things happen; she steps to the music—the dance progresses with her energy and light. She is not one to wait and ponder; she is one of action… Continue Reading →

One Love

This is getting posted as I am on my way to NYC. Wrote a letter to Ms. Swift letting her know we’ll be in town, in case she has time to hang out — our treat. Last month was quite… Continue Reading →

My son

Yesterday, my son turned 14. Saturday, I had the honor of hanging out with him almost all day.. paint-balling. I hope he finds his passion and follows the path his bliss and light layout before him. I am very grateful… Continue Reading →

Choose the Brave Choice

Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to… Continue Reading →

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