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i am grateful for all willing to communicate deeply, authentically, with the goal being personal mastery and integrity. for there in is Peace, Love, and Hope.


Today I am grateful for communication… for all those with the patience and wisdom of their strength to show up and communicate. If left to my own devices and imaginings, I truly would be a lost cause; a lost soul…. Continue Reading →

yeah. yeah. it ain’t nothin’ but pushin’ – pushin’ hard

today – i’m grateful i got up this morning and got at it best i could… made it to ripped body workout. got my work in. broke like a mother fucker. broke hard. still breakin’ – still got faith it’s… Continue Reading →

One Love

This is getting posted as I am on my way to NYC. Wrote a letter to Ms. Swift letting her know we’ll be in town, in case she has time to hang out — our treat. Last month was quite… Continue Reading →

Not to be taken lightly

Well, my day to post is Wednesday… but sometimes a day is full… along with the night—and i get home late from an open mic, where i swing for the fences and watch the ball dribble away down the wrong… Continue Reading →

My son

Yesterday, my son turned 14. Saturday, I had the honor of hanging out with him almost all day.. paint-balling. I hope he finds his passion and follows the path his bliss and light layout before him. I am very grateful… Continue Reading →

on a clear day

Today I am grateful for the bird’s eye view… The ability to have space and air in which to breath calmly—while also remaining in the midst of stormy weather and heated emotion. In this place we can see that everyone… Continue Reading →

Music, Sweet Music

I was about to post something about struggling… because my dementors were sucking the life and hope out of me. And then? I searched for a song on YouTube for tonight’s post and found this one. Started listening to it… Continue Reading →

days like these

it is imminent that i shall cease to exist and i will no longer be what i never was my imagined sense of being will roll in long credits across a white, wide screen and we will know the end… Continue Reading →

Twista Faith

I like the play on the subject there—”twisted faith”… what is that? sometimes it is keepin’ faith when it is all dark and hopeless around you; surrounding you. i’ve been playin’ with that concept a bit—maintaining hope when it feels… Continue Reading →

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