The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful



gently weeps

i am grateful for friends… and family; ’cause family is friends

the best medicine

so much to be grateful for i am part of a loving family — i have a roof over my head new shoots, from seeds planted and cared for… even though we are heading into winter my belly full (but… Continue Reading →

beautiful human beings

the day to day trivial act of survival is… so trivial. and yet must be acted out for continual evolution and the continuation of life. in its action, the action of evolution, we embody the infinite possibilities of divinity and… Continue Reading →


In the past, I only could do updates via my desktop. My cell phone was about nine years old, and I couldn’t really browse the web… Let alone, do any updates on this blog. As my desktop shut down for… Continue Reading →

are you frickin’ kidding me?

this is a time for everyone to be grateful… thanks and giving. oh; you gonna get caught up on the story? damn! Ok… if that’s where you want to hang—go ahead, hang there. And fuck you! I’m about right now!… Continue Reading →

For this place

Honestly? I don’t have a bloody clue as to what I am grateful for in this moment. However, as I pause and wonder what I am going to write about – I realize that I am grateful for this blog… Continue Reading →

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