The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful



gently weeps

i am grateful for friends… and family; ’cause family is friends

yeah. yeah. it ain’t nothin’ but pushin’ – pushin’ hard

today – i’m grateful i got up this morning and got at it best i could… made it to ripped body workout. got my work in. broke like a mother fucker. broke hard. still breakin’ – still got faith it’s… Continue Reading →


really struggling right now… it looks like i already did “friends” recently… i guess when some things are falling apart, one really appreciates the ones that still with you (family, too!)


hmmmm… i’m not sure what i’m grateful for in this moment. oh, wait – yes i do. i’m grateful for all the angels amongst us. all the beings that hang in there one more day when the load is unbearable…. Continue Reading →

are you frickin’ kidding me?

this is a time for everyone to be grateful… thanks and giving. oh; you gonna get caught up on the story? damn! Ok… if that’s where you want to hang—go ahead, hang there. And fuck you! I’m about right now!… Continue Reading →

family & friends

funny how the time goes by gently down the stream appreciating the company we’re with if you know what i mean and simply put, i don’t get it why sometimes it’s far away but i sure am glad you stayed… Continue Reading →

One Love

This is getting posted as I am on my way to NYC. Wrote a letter to Ms. Swift letting her know we’ll be in town, in case she has time to hang out — our treat. Last month was quite… Continue Reading →


I’m back late tonight from meeting with our neighbor – who has started his own business successfully and was willing to give me some insight into his own fund-raising experiences. so, tonight? I am grateful for neighbors… (and saxophone players)


softly falling flakes of white whisper secrets in moonlight straining to hear; forward i lean needing to catch their meaning between the phrases left up in the sky and seeded forests by the by futures of friends i cannot see… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am super grateful for friends… friends that are family, friends that are friends. some that i don’t always see eye to eye with. some i rarely see eye to eye with.. however? all of you are the treasure… Continue Reading →

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