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Pop Music

sometimes the lightness of it all, is part of the strength it holds. nailing elements of life just perfectly; a group of artists working together… bring it all together perfectly tonight; i’m grateful for pop music crazy, right?

One Love

This is getting posted as I am on my way to NYC. Wrote a letter to Ms. Swift letting her know we’ll be in town, in case she has time to hang out — our treat. Last month was quite… Continue Reading →

i am nothing

well, well, well… the best of intentions do surely pave the way—do they not? I’m writing this the morning after; the morning after I was due to post to my brother’s and my blog… after missing several weeks, as you… Continue Reading →

so much to be grateful for, my mind goes blank

I’d be a foolish man indeed if I did not overflow with gratitude in this moment… I can look around me and see so many unresolved questions… and yet, i am like a shell surrounding the kernel… there was a… Continue Reading →


Our Father Our Mother Our Sister Our Brother… Who art in heaven Forgive me my sins Teach me to forgive… I am grateful for all that forgive me I am grateful for the ability to forgive Forgiveness is a miracle… Continue Reading →

Is it the best medicine? I think so…

Today, I am grateful for humor. Humor makes light… it can make light of heavy, serious subjects. Therefore they are no longer foreboding and can be dealt with easier. Of course, each of us has our opinion of what is… Continue Reading →

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