The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful



gently weeps

i am grateful for friends… and family; ’cause family is friends

the great adventure

many friends and my family know i’m going through it — have been for a while… and the funny thing is, i really have no idea what it is i’m moving through might it be madness? might it be divine?… Continue Reading →

Pop Music

sometimes the lightness of it all, is part of the strength it holds. nailing elements of life just perfectly; a group of artists working together… bring it all together perfectly tonight; i’m grateful for pop music crazy, right?

my children

I am very grateful for all three of my children… They are vessels of pure joy; their miracle of Life is blessing my own every day — every night.

yeah. yeah. it ain’t nothin’ but pushin’ – pushin’ hard

today – i’m grateful i got up this morning and got at it best i could… made it to ripped body workout. got my work in. broke like a mother fucker. broke hard. still breakin’ – still got faith it’s… Continue Reading →


hmmmm… i’m not sure what i’m grateful for in this moment. oh, wait – yes i do. i’m grateful for all the angels amongst us. all the beings that hang in there one more day when the load is unbearable…. Continue Reading →

are you frickin’ kidding me?

this is a time for everyone to be grateful… thanks and giving. oh; you gonna get caught up on the story? damn! Ok… if that’s where you want to hang—go ahead, hang there. And fuck you! I’m about right now!… Continue Reading →

family & friends

funny how the time goes by gently down the stream appreciating the company we’re with if you know what i mean and simply put, i don’t get it why sometimes it’s far away but i sure am glad you stayed… Continue Reading →

my eldest

My eldest daughter, Robyn, is inspirational—she is amazing. She waves her hand and things happen; she steps to the music—the dance progresses with her energy and light. She is not one to wait and ponder; she is one of action… Continue Reading →

One Love

This is getting posted as I am on my way to NYC. Wrote a letter to Ms. Swift letting her know we’ll be in town, in case she has time to hang out — our treat. Last month was quite… Continue Reading →

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