The Gratefulness Series

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My son

Yesterday, my son turned 14. Saturday, I had the honor of hanging out with him almost all day.. paint-balling. I hope he finds his passion and follows the path his bliss and light layout before him. I am very grateful… Continue Reading →

another year older and closer to death

i recently had an experience of looking out over the whole world, taking it all in at once. i saw a masterpiece; the violence and pain bringing in highlights and shadows that pushed the artistry to a masterful level —… Continue Reading →

It’s so easy!

I got lucky today ~ which I suppose is another thing to be grateful for… Today is Bodhi’s birthday – and I am sooo grateful that I am in her life as her father. She is a bright joy in… Continue Reading →

For being Alive

Today, I am grateful for so much. Today is my birthday… I am forty-nine today. I approach the curve in the road ahead with ease and excitement – and a little trepidation. The bend that turns the direction in which… Continue Reading →

My son

Today – I am so grateful for my son; who turns 10 today. He is a burst of bright light; laughter and adventure tangle up in golden locks – blue eyes shining bright… and sometimes so wounded. Today, I am… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

Yeah – I think my brother’s post needs more details… just what are you grateful for exactly? Is your company teaching you to rob banks? And you know the first few years of learning are going to be tough because… Continue Reading →

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