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He Ain’t Heavy

It’s a Double Gratitude post tonight! I am grateful for my podcast that I’ve been doing — in it’s 5th season — Live With Greg. And I am grateful for my brother, Aaron Wilker, who is my special guest on… Continue Reading →

This is America

I will add to what my brother has written.  I am so very grateful that I was born in and continue to live in The United States of America.  Where if you have the mind set and determination, you can… Continue Reading →

git your america woke

I’m grateful to live where this video can be created and watched… and sorry that there is reason for it to be created and watched.

No Post?

I can’t believe that my brother didn’t post this week; I am grateful for the free coffee.   As I was driving home this afternoon, the Beach Boys song Breakaway came onto the radio; it had me thinking that we… Continue Reading →


Last week, while in Italy, my wife and I went to see the ruins of Pompeii.  What an experience!!!  I would recommend everyone try to arrange an opportunity to make this trip!  It is absolutely amazing to see.  If you… Continue Reading →

Gracefully Fallen

gracefully falling through twilight’s last gleem the escense of hope remains as a dream sulfur and fury blue smoke wafts through children lie dying one’s will remains true to a throne long decayed royal robes strewn tattered and frayed rendered… Continue Reading →

World Domination

Today I sitting some where close to Naples Italy, watching the opening games of the World Cup Futbol Tournament.  It is amazing how much easier it is to travel, when you do not have your children with you.  I love… Continue Reading →

Love is around

I read my brother’s Post on this blog and I really appreciated what he had to say about us being one.  There is love all around us; and if we are able to tap into that love, then you are… Continue Reading →

twilight gleaming

Tonight, i am grateful for my daughter, Bodhi… Who chose to participate in chorus — thus i find myself in the audience… with the honor and privilege to witness the very best of the chorus performances I’ve ever seen in… Continue Reading →

The World Revolves around ME!

Based on that title you might think that I am a Millenial; I guarantee to you that I am not.  I am much too old for that.  I just like to stir the pot, poke the bear and push the… Continue Reading →

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