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It is that time of year that I really love….summer is on its way here.  It has been getting gradually warmer all week; which is good, because Sunday was freezing cold.  It was June 11th and it snowed in the… Continue Reading →

they call him Kevin

today, 2 kevins taught me about dedication, perseverance, and the ability to rise up from great depths and the potential rewards of doing so. thank you may the tears we shed grow beautiful gardens for many blessings


Tomorrow, Robyn Bri is graduating High School and starting a new chapter in her life. She travels to Europe for a month this summer… And then she’s living on the east coast; attending college. She’s the best thing going since… Continue Reading →

another day

I’m grateful this day is over… and I’m still alive.

Life is but a Dream…

For some reason, that song just popped into my head.  “Life is but a dream….”.  I am grateful that my life is a dream and not a nightmare.  This is my choice, I am sure.  I am usually surrounded by… Continue Reading →

Time and Energy

I’m grateful for the energy of one R. Ellis Frazier… and his entity: Badhouse Studios. Making a film is an army of divergent people working together for a common goal… and Badhouse Studio and company brought it — strong —… Continue Reading →

Why Title things?

Hmmm.  There is a lot to be grateful for!  My younger son is finishing up his junior year at college; he tells me with A’s and B’s.  He is working hard, so that he can get into a good medical… Continue Reading →

oh holy night

i hear the dark night of the soul is a time of great creation; wonderful learning… a remaking of one’s self so, yeah… it’s pretty hard, each day, to wake up in to my night — i have faith that… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for the quirky. There is an innocence and bravery to maintaining a quirkiness… It is the path less taken. It is truly a life of an individual. And today, I’m grateful for you all. Because, really… Continue Reading →

Opportunities Abound

This past week was spent at a WERC related conference; yes that is spelled correctly.  I was at the national convention for the Warehouse Education and Research Council; I co-hosted a Peer 2 Peer discussion on Tuesday afternoon, on developing… Continue Reading →

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