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A wiser disposition

I am grateful for all that is a part of my life teaching me a wiser disposition. It is a life-long love affair.

New Year, New Life, back at it!

Today I am writing this from the living room of an uncle’s house, located in a northern suburb of Houston Texas.  I have been here for about a week; and will head back to California at the end of this… Continue Reading →

Year End Acknowledgments

Today is the last day of the year 2019; I would like to take this time in this post to acknowledge some people who helped make 2019 a great year for me! I am truly grateful for their friendships and… Continue Reading →

Will to Live

this morning, I awoke without meaning and purpose… feeling small, and hopeless. as the morning progressed, I acknowledged I was at zero—and alive. So part of my process is to acknowledge what is painful to let go of, and engage… Continue Reading →

Changing it UP!!

Life throws curve balls at you once in awhile; best not to swing and just let it go.  Fastballs, when you expect them, can be hit out of the park; but watch out for the fastball that is then followed… Continue Reading →

in the final few minutes…

tonight, i am so grateful for family—that in which we are all together in… And that was a great post last night, my Brother

It is not always easy or correct!

Right now, at this moment, Ringo Starr song, It Don’t Come Easy, is running through my head.  Things are happening and I have been involved in some deceptions, that I am not proud of, but did out of love for people.  “Then… Continue Reading →

a little bit at ‘o time

so, yeah… i’m getting used to the comings and goings of lovers and friends, family, beginnings and ends. there is a sadness, a broken heart. and there is a celebration with the pains and mistakes, one makes. so tonight, i… Continue Reading →

It’s Worth It….

Several years ago, my oldest son and I moved some office furniture into my upstairs office.  It was not easy; and it would have been even harder if there had not been an elevator in the building.  Today I packed… Continue Reading →

due process

due process: the process of becoming aware; waking up.

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