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The Price of Life…

Are you making as much money as you would like?  Are any of us?  There is always that question, how much is enough?  I apparently have not made as much money these past two years, as I thought that I… Continue Reading →

our health

tonight, I am grateful for my health… because when it’s gone, I miss it!

to life

i am very grateful for this evening’s chorus recital that my youngest daughter, Bodhi, participated in… and for my sitting with Jonah and Liz. i’m not all the way over things yet — i am learning oh, yes, and for… Continue Reading →

No Title necessary

Nothing really special has happened this past week.  My wife and I returned home safely from our trip in Houston; I flew up to Seattle to meet a business partner at a client’s facility, where we had a wonderful meeting. … Continue Reading →

heavenly peace

as i take pause — and settle in to a deep, warm feeling of gratitude… well, i’ve not yet mastered the ability to name with purity of heart & soul and i have a strong faith that we all are… Continue Reading →

There is a whole lot….

Today I am in a suburb of Houston Texas, with my wife, visiting her uncle.  We flew in last Friday and we have been having a great time visiting him and traveling around Houston, seeing the different sites.  Tuesday we… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for communication… for all those with the patience and wisdom of their strength to show up and communicate. If left to my own devices and imaginings, I truly would be a lost cause; a lost soul…. Continue Reading →

Good ole’ USA

Today I flew from Seattle back home to the S.F. Bay Area; sitting next to me was a nice young gentleman, who was returning home as well.  We had a nice conversation about a lot of different things; some of… Continue Reading →

the path

you know what i’m grateful for tonight? that i have a true friend guiding me home

Travel 2

I am back home, able to sleep in my own bed.  That is something to be grateful for, in its self.  It was a wonderful trip to Scotland and Count Cork in Ireland.  The business part of the trip was… Continue Reading →

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