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Three weeks ago, I was bored, sitting in my hotel room in the Seattle area.  I decided to look up Catholic churches by my hotel; for some reason I was in the mood to go to church.  I am not… Continue Reading →

reach out and touch

i am grateful for the faith i am gaining… it really is going to work out — because i am evolving. i am grateful for evolution

Blessed Mary

Today, in the Catholic world, it is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven.  So today I am grateful for my mother who, along with my father, did an incredible job of raising me and my siblings.  My… Continue Reading →

another set of wings

I am grateful that I am watching myself recover a little better then I have in the past. I have excuses in my hip pocket about why i wasn’t as productive today as I wanted to be… and I see… Continue Reading →

It is Thursday….

What does that mean to you, the title?  To me, today, it means that I am working the night shift for a full physical inventory at the warehouse that has employed my services.  It will probably be a twelve hour… Continue Reading →

I have it good!

Over all as I reflect on my life, both in the past and currently, I am grateful for all that I have.  I thank the creator every night before I go to sleep; because I really am living a very… Continue Reading →

a lot to work through

i am grateful to you, future lover you have a lot to work through and i know the light touch of fragranced breeze will help ease the madness of everything i throw to barricade myself in the comfort of my… Continue Reading →


In both business and in your personal life, communication is extremely important; yet not enough of us engage in it. In business I am finding that companies are more successful when there is good communication in there organization. I have… Continue Reading →

tick tick tick

i am grateful for my children across the sea i’m grateful for the laughter gifted to me i’m grateful for the course that moves through my night i’m grateful for the balm that eases my fright i am grateful for… Continue Reading →

Life, it happens….

No matter what you do, life will happen; unless you choose to end it.  This is not something that I recommend! I have had some interesting conversations lately, with family members and peers.  Some of the conversations were based on… Continue Reading →

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