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i am grateful this evening, that i have helped some people within the past few days…


This past weekend I traveled to Southern California on a business trip.  One of the meetings that I had, two of my friends joined me, as we looked into a new business opportunity.  It was a great meeting, that lasted… Continue Reading →

the best medicine

so much to be grateful for i am part of a loving family — i have a roof over my head new shoots, from seeds planted and cared for… even though we are heading into winter my belly full (but… Continue Reading →


I recently read a book titled, The Mastery of Love.  It was an easy read; only twelve chapters.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it; and I am very grateful to my friend, who recommended it to me.  It really made a lot… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am grateful for archives; tools of teaching that hold up what was… A search for hope on our blog brings up an interesting array of posts. There is one from 2012. In it I can see that my… Continue Reading →

right now… mi familia

I really am grateful for my family. Today is a bit of a grind; and each and every one of my family that I think of brings a smile to my face. I hope i retain the gumption to remain… Continue Reading →

Place Holder ….

“You can’t always get what you want; but if you try sometime, you get what you need.”  – The Rolling Stones It is a great song!  I remember seeing the movie “The Big Chill”, the song was played on an organ… Continue Reading →

It is the little things that happen in this life that help me to realize that we are just small brush strokes in the great artist ongoing creation.  I am finding that when I ask for something, from our creator,… Continue Reading →

one more step; no more steps

we are human we are born; and we die what leads one to seek out more then that — desire? is it a narcissistic character trait that seeks something beyond the single span of one’s life? or is it one’s… Continue Reading →


Today, with the help of my oldest, I moved my office into a new location.  With his help all of the heavy lifting and moving was done before lunch.  I am very grateful for his help.  This past weekend my… Continue Reading →

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