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I wonder if we were to get rid of all media content, would there be so much sensless killing throughout the world.  If someone knew that whatever they did, would not be broadcasted throughout the world, would they still do… Continue Reading →

Think about it.

Last night I recorded a Podcast with my Personal Coach and mentor, Tom Hart.  The topic of conversation was about Six Daily Disciplines of Success.  Tom had written a blog for his website, successseriesllc.com , about this topic and so… Continue Reading →

It is nobody’s fault….

This morning before I went to work, I received an email (via my smart phone) that one of my employees had made a simple error, not once but several times.  The same error each time and the frustrating thing is… Continue Reading →

Grateful or Proud

My youngest child, my precious angel, who is a freshman in high school, has decided that she would join the diving team at the school.  My daughter is a good swimmer and she does enjoy surfing on a long board… Continue Reading →

A Real Example of Gratitude

Tonight, I get off easy – because my little sister posted on a different site an update of her son’s recovery from brain surgery. And her post is real gratitude. So in reverence to her, I submit the following: Today… Continue Reading →

Successful Surgery

My 20 year old nephew went under the knife today to remove a brain tumor believed to be cancerous. I am very grateful to all the love, support, thoughts & prayers that rallied today for him. It amazes me how… Continue Reading →

Oh… where to start?

I am grateful for my eldest daughter – who tonight is reminding me that quite often we are very capable of doing that which we believe we can not do.

Happy Birthday

Yeah – I think my brother’s post needs more details… just what are you grateful for exactly? Is your company teaching you to rob banks? And you know the first few years of learning are going to be tough because… Continue Reading →

More then one chance

As I wrap up what has been a very loose Monday for me work wise (could it be going to bed at 1:30am night after night and waking up at 8am is starting to catch-up with me?), I am aware… Continue Reading →

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