The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful



I still might warn a few

i’ve seen the sun eclipsed by the moon it happened following the month of June many say i know not what I wanted some say i was done too soon i only know I started – upon a ship of… Continue Reading →

late for everythang

A steady stream of consciousness Its my mind, not my body that’s blessed And every time I write; I wrote Another phrase; another note going for my guns while ya go for my throat ripped out and gutted our egos… Continue Reading →

The O

It may be crass It might be crude To say out loud Some say is rude But I can’t lie And I won’t fake One of life’s pleasures Takes the cake Gratitude for each Of you who lay Singing like… Continue Reading →


i wish i knew what to do when blue and there’s the demons alive in my mind they’re so unkind they don’t care about despair feasting and fester busted out my temper left me a hole falling down is my… Continue Reading →

what a beautiful mess

a man sat on a chair, beer in hand he thinks back to when he was younger and thought he’d be a good father, a good husband, a good friend his feeling good seems like it was a long time… Continue Reading →


softly falling flakes of white whisper secrets in moonlight straining to hear; forward i lean needing to catch their meaning between the phrases left up in the sky and seeded forests by the by futures of friends i cannot see… Continue Reading →

days like these

it is imminent that i shall cease to exist and i will no longer be what i never was my imagined sense of being will roll in long credits across a white, wide screen and we will know the end… Continue Reading →

it’s late… i’m late… and we’re one

I’ll let my brother decide if I owe him five for this week’s post… i usually do my post as the last thing before going to bed – and tonight it is a late night. i’m grateful for every person… Continue Reading →

the beauty of my boy

i am grateful for the wondrous beauty within my son… i am amazed that i even receive the honor of calling him “my son” — i hope and wish for nothing more than to be able to support his roots… Continue Reading →

free form

in the places in the spaces where silence grows knowledge knows one must step up to plate and be conscious of what we ate can’t hate we only are what we are and can’t differentiate between the one who we… Continue Reading →

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