The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful



It is all about LOVE!

Today I am grateful for the love that I feel for all of the people who surround me.  The concern that they have for my health; wishing me well with business and then offering advise and help.  Trusting me, that… Continue Reading →

my son

Today I am grateful for my son. I needed some help and he was right there – no questions asked. Just a yes. I’m grateful for a lot more about him… he’s kind, brilliant, talented, and a great sense of… Continue Reading →


Tonight, I am very grateful for forgiveness. As I heard a wise man recently say, I don’t have a perfect bone in my body. (Though i think he does.) Point is, i arrived broken with an ability to heal. I… Continue Reading →

It is a new year and a new day

According to the Roman Calendar we are three days into a new year, 2019.  A lot of people use this time to reflect on their lives and the past year.  What worked for them.  What did not; and what do… Continue Reading →

Holidays & Tiny Desk Concerts

Perhaps this is dated; too late. However, with them behind us (until February 14th), I can say I am grateful for the Holidays… and tiny desk concerts from NPR.


Do not ask what that title means….I have no clue, other than….Finally. Today I am grateful for all of the opportunities that continue to come my way. I am grateful for spending time with my family. I am grateful for… Continue Reading →

if we are wise

…it is because we listened to the teachers we have; the guides who show us our Light in the hidden path before us. We can hide away our being, our Life — it is impossible to extinguish it; therefore, it… Continue Reading →

Freedom of choice

Yep!  That is what I am grateful for.  I have worked hard these past couple of months, so that I can spend more time at home this month.  I am working on several projects; and I schedule and attend meetings,… Continue Reading →

easy peasy

I’m grateful i wrote a damn post tonight ’cause i was already in bed resting my head eyes close i begin to dose …and then – dammit! so… yeah….

Business Opportunities

I am so grateful for the opportunities that my recent business dealings has brought my way; by recent, I mean within the past three years.  It was a little over three years ago that I decided to leave the corporate… Continue Reading →

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