The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful




My father-in-law, Tom Christie — the last living father figure in my life — is peacefully passing from this planet… And yesterday, Liz arranged for a friend, Kate, to come and serenade him… which she did. And her music filled… Continue Reading →

Follow up….

Just in case you missed it, I am grateful for the life that I have been given and live!

Well it is about time….

Why is that my title?  It seems like it has been a while since I last wrote a post.  I am grateful, once again, for a lot of different things.  I believe that in business I am a Ready, Fire,… Continue Reading →

glad i did

i’m so tired right now, i really don’t want to post anything… …and i’m grateful i did.  

paint by

i am grateful i am lost i paint by numbers i pay the cost artistically inclined no discipline unwind i am beautiful i am boss i live with current i live the loss i really am grateful that each of… Continue Reading →

Technology moves you forward

This past month has been very interesting.  I spent one week in Atlanta at the Materials Handling show, MODEX.  This was cool, seeing a lot of where the future of Distribution Logistics is going; nothing really “a-ha”, though.  Robotics, Drones… Continue Reading →

rolling off my back

one day, sometimes one moment, at a time… i am learning to be happy — truly deep down happy… the kind of happiness where all i want is for all beings to be happy each and every moment each and… Continue Reading →

welcome home <3

tonight, today… so easy. Liz & I picked up Bodhi, Lola, and Lisa from the airport… all safely home, and on time!! Thanks to Lisa’s steadfast time (5 hours!) on the phone to deal with flight cancellations due to Air… Continue Reading →


This week I am in Atlanta for a huge trade show; over 44,000 attendees. Some days are better than others, but the Hotel Indigo, downtown has been great! The entire staff is  extremely friendly . So even though there have… Continue Reading →

let it rain

tonight, i am grateful for a good cry… i had a couple of them today. so good; so cleansing of one’s energy

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