The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


Greg Wilker


Today is Valentine’s Day. I hope everyone practices and appreciates Love everyday; doesn’t just wait for 2/14. And today? Today I am grateful for someone who entered my life and opened my eyes as to what Love truly is. And… Continue Reading →

i’m grateful for this sick beat

and that is that

wandering through wastelands

wandering through wastelands deep and wide detached from heart i attempt to hide but wastelands shelter none who tread the path of waste the soul of dread continually humbled will weak and worn shattered and torn the promises i’ve sworn… Continue Reading →


Tonight, Bodhi and I were talking… and i in my infinite blindness, was reiterating about all people being one person — we’re all one being. And she said, “that would be boring”. She went on to ask me what the… Continue Reading →

the infinite possibilities

My sister has been sending her husband Tim and me a daily shot from her You Are A Bad Ass calendar, a gift she received from a friend. Today’s message was about how much better off one is if one… Continue Reading →

Every now and then

I am grateful that i am still here on planet earth; there is still so much for me to learn… My brother, last night, recommended I wake up and smile in the mirror at what i see — first thing… Continue Reading →


Damn! Made it through another year… a lot to be grateful for. A lot challenged me — and some of them challenges was good! I’ve said it before; it’s worth saying them again: grateful for my brother grateful for my… Continue Reading →

a tear for mi madre; a tear for me

i am grateful for a roof over my head; food to sustain me… friends and family/family and friends and for the excitement I feel in my body with the feminine spirit; the feminine essence i don’t want to embody it;… Continue Reading →

Shout Outs

I am grateful for the Shout Out that Jake Thomas and Eva Amantea (@onthespoteva) gave to BAJA yesterday… That’s a solid, my friend! Nice Hanukkah gift during this time of miracles!

our health

tonight, I am grateful for my health… because when it’s gone, I miss it!

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