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Greg Wilker

work out

I’m grateful for divinity; eternal life… that part i play – alive each day… I’m grateful for this blog I’ve been doing with my brother for quite some time now I’m grateful for my children’s mom; that she’s their mom… Continue Reading →

all my pieces

I am grateful for those who know me; warts and all… …and remain supportive in my life. I don’t think it was meant to be easy. I really don’t know what it all is meant to be. I only know… Continue Reading →

He Ain’t Heavy

It’s a Double Gratitude post tonight! I am grateful for my podcast that I’ve been doing — in it’s 5th season — Live With Greg. And I am grateful for my brother, Aaron Wilker, who is my special guest on… Continue Reading →

git your america woke

I’m grateful to live where this video can be created and watched… and sorry that there is reason for it to be created and watched.

Gracefully Fallen

gracefully falling through twilight’s last gleem the escense of hope remains as a dream sulfur and fury blue smoke wafts through children lie dying one’s will remains true to a throne long decayed royal robes strewn tattered and frayed rendered… Continue Reading →

twilight gleaming

Tonight, i am grateful for my daughter, Bodhi… Who chose to participate in chorus — thus i find myself in the audience… with the honor and privilege to witness the very best of the chorus performances I’ve ever seen in… Continue Reading →

big finish

today – i am grateful for tomorrow…


My father-in-law, Tom Christie — the last living father figure in my life — is peacefully passing from this planet… And yesterday, Liz arranged for a friend, Kate, to come and serenade him… which she did. And her music filled… Continue Reading →

glad i did

i’m so tired right now, i really don’t want to post anything… …and i’m grateful i did.  

paint by

i am grateful i am lost i paint by numbers i pay the cost artistically inclined no discipline unwind i am beautiful i am boss i live with current i live the loss i really am grateful that each of… Continue Reading →

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