The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


Greg Wilker

just another night

tonight i am grateful for entertainment (yeah; it’s quick… it’s late)

Simple things

Sometimes, it is the simple things I am grateful for. This morning, I am grateful for heaters… Simple; and so appreciated on a cold morning. My thoughts go out to the people who weather cold winter nights without shelter and… Continue Reading →


My brother’s last post was about perseverance… Good God, I am grateful I am journeying so closely with my brother. And in honor of the challenge of the feminine in my life… i know i am closer to knowing divinity… Continue Reading →

Good Times

tonight i am grateful for good music, good people whose bounty grows with age like fine wine, loving family… the gift that allowed me to see the guitarists below… it is not an easy life; and it doesn’t take much… Continue Reading →

winter heart sleeps

mi corazón se eleva se balancea a la izquierda con las estrellas desafiando la gravedad porque sabe caerán las mareas tan seguro como se levantan y el camino a la luna solo brilla cuando esta lleno permitiendo milagros sobre el… Continue Reading →


This morning I am grateful that the home in NC is sold. It isn’t a done deal as I write this; however, it does seem eminent as i signed paperwork for the title company last night. I have a lot… Continue Reading →


I am grateful for the human spirit; grateful for my will to persevere. And I’m grateful i got this posted… before heading off to bed.  

work – earning my way

I am grateful for the opportunities for me to work, getting my finances right — and potentially creating an abundance with which I may share the joys and aid afforded by financial abundance.  

my son

Today I am grateful for my son. I needed some help and he was right there – no questions asked. Just a yes. I’m grateful for a lot more about him… he’s kind, brilliant, talented, and a great sense of… Continue Reading →


Tonight, I am very grateful for forgiveness. As I heard a wise man recently say, I don’t have a perfect bone in my body. (Though i think he does.) Point is, i arrived broken with an ability to heal. I… Continue Reading →

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