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Greg Wilker


Heute Abend bin ich dankbar für meinen Geisteszustand. Ich kenne die Depression seit einigen Jahren ziemlich gut. UND … vielleicht habe ich einige positive Lektionen aus dem Leben gelernt, als ich die gefährliche Dunkelheit überquert habe; oft ohne Hoffnung in… Continue Reading →

lunch & bed

Today i had lunch with some HFLA benefactors.. And having woken up at 3:30am this morning, which I’m also grateful for, I’m grateful I have a bed to sleep. And I’m grateful I did this post…  


having spent most of last week without electric service… and due to a main pipe clog where i live, without major water usage… as i get ready to start the dishwasher after a few weeks without… tonight: I am grateful… Continue Reading →

you can’t cut our power

Today is an easy post. I am grateful for a hot shower, a warm meal, the ability to work, visiting with friends… And mostly, for the friends that put me up in their home while PG&E throws their weight around,… Continue Reading →

stay healthy, my children

The beginning of this week, I saw a friend sitting in his car in the local Safeway parking lot… contemplating. I asked him how he was. He sighed, “Well, I just took a friend home from a clinic. He found… Continue Reading →

Home is Where the Energy Is

Today I am grateful for my family’s home, just down the street. They have energy; I do not. So I am grateful to hang out with friends and family at The Maples, plugged in, and getting some work done.

He’s in Trees

Today, I am grateful for the time I got to spend with my son. I am grateful that I didn’t leave until he was ready to part… I almost did; I didn’t. For that, I am grateful. It is so… Continue Reading →

The Voice

…tonight, I am just going to hang out a bit with Heaven’s voice: let it wash over me.

and the world is born in time

sometimes, by the flowing stream of gentle rains, i rest… feeling the still depth of my soul darkness flowing slowly up and out into the grey skies of eternal paths mossy, stone embankments sooth my eyes water splashing up to… Continue Reading →

tightrope walking blindfolded

i am grateful for mindfulness practice for that which helps bring into light the shadowed figments of my imagination which helps me question my motivation and thought that which brings me closer to living as the person i wish to… Continue Reading →

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