The Gratefulness Series

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Greg Wilker

one more step; no more steps

we are human we are born; and we die what leads one to seek out more then that — desire? is it a narcissistic character trait that seeks something beyond the single span of one’s life? or is it one’s… Continue Reading →

creating school

Tonight was Bodhi’s open house… I am grateful for the people who pour their energy into creating a rich environment four learning.

the unimaginable: forgiveness

there is nothing so healing for a parched planet no balm greater for a condemned soul no loving act greater than if for one moment, one may experience the infinite — the divine pure love; pure light upon wings, effortlessly… Continue Reading →

net neutrality

i am grateful for everyone whose direct effort and energy are involved with the net neutrality efforts. long live the king!

I’m just bloody grateful…

that I’m going to sleep right now.

the little things

i recently listened to Tony Robbins speaking to the importance of having gratitude for the little thingsā€¦ i’m grateful for the coyote calls i heard in the wee hours monday morning i’m grateful for the flowers on dining room tables… Continue Reading →

the journey

tonight i am grateful for the journey of the heart… i am grateful for the grace of my children in my life i’m grateful for those that set me afire, that hang me high i’m grateful for those that have… Continue Reading →

What a wonderful world

Tonight, Robin Bri and her solid/solid friend, Maddison, returned safely home from their 5 week adventure in Europe. Robyn’s immediate family, along with Jonathan and Jamie… and Buddy and Marlin — were all there to greet them. And then we… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am grateful for my dreams… And the hope they continue to feed me with.

joyful heart

Today I am grateful for my joyful heart. (and for getting this post in!)

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