The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


Greg Wilker

it could always be worse

so… um… i was cleaning my ear (with a properly designed tool for the action) in the shower — and I see what I believe is a long hair on the shelf… so while continuing the grooming process, i grab… Continue Reading →

a little light

I started my first week back to full-time independent contracting — and Monday was a good day. Then yesterday I got sick; I’m still sick. It kind of laid me out — knocked me off course. HOWEVER… it didn’t take… Continue Reading →

a mellow feeling – a beautiful world

so much to be grateful for… that peaceful feeling after a short run, butterflies flitting under a green canopy that wisps across a blue, blue sky… and an empathetic crowd just opens arms to all; no fault / no foul… Continue Reading →


tonight i am grateful for medical practitioners… I’ve been to two in the past 48 hours. i’m pretty sure everything is fine – and I appreciate their expertise, experience, and willingness to work with me; aiding me to be my… Continue Reading →

a good day

right now, i am grateful there is a lab right next to where I’ll be working tomorrow to get my blood pulled in time for next week’s appointment… and I’m glad to have six billable hours in today. it is… Continue Reading →

so much to be grateful for today – but if I had to pick just one…

i’d pick two. Today I am grateful for my Mom — more importantly, my relationship with my Mom. It is a deep, rich source of learning and growth. She inspires, she defies, she challenges me… and most importantly? She loves… Continue Reading →

recogiendo a mi hija de Miami

I am grateful to be picking up Robyn & Pichu from the airport tonight… Looking forward to hearing a couple of Miami stories! And I’m grateful for an interview tomorrow morning…

G-d is not death; G-d is Life

As I am picking up pennies from a dirty, stained floor for a living at eighteen bucks an hour because the coin counter machine is still broken and I spilled the damn pennies as I was attempting to refill the… Continue Reading →

Better Rebel

I am grateful for my rebel heart, which doesn’t rebel against life… quite contraire – it is the voice in me that says, “I know you. You can do better then that.” It rebels against my iniquities that Love might… Continue Reading →

Good night… sweet dreams

having just got back from a 10 hour day at work, i’m grateful for a warm, comfy bed — and a pillow upon which to rest my head… back at it in the morning. oh, wait – it is morning

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