The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


Greg Wilker

and the world is born in time

sometimes, by the flowing stream of gentle rains, i rest… feeling the still depth of my soul darkness flowing slowly up and out into the grey skies of eternal paths mossy, stone embankments sooth my eyes water splashing up to… Continue Reading →

tightrope walking blindfolded

i am grateful for mindfulness practice for that which helps bring into light the shadowed figments of my imagination which helps me question my motivation and thought that which brings me closer to living as the person i wish to… Continue Reading →

The Great Unknown

One of my brothers once said to me that he always keeps a giant question mark over his head. This statement has stuck strongly with me a few decades now. It opens me up, keeping me in a beginner’s mind-set…. Continue Reading →

reach out and touch

i am grateful for the faith i am gaining… it really is going to work out — because i am evolving. i am grateful for evolution

another set of wings

I am grateful that I am watching myself recover a little better then I have in the past. I have excuses in my hip pocket about why i wasn’t as productive today as I wanted to be… and I see… Continue Reading →

a lot to work through

i am grateful to you, future lover you have a lot to work through and i know the light touch of fragranced breeze will help ease the madness of everything i throw to barricade myself in the comfort of my… Continue Reading →

tick tick tick

i am grateful for my children across the sea i’m grateful for the laughter gifted to me i’m grateful for the course that moves through my night i’m grateful for the balm that eases my fright i am grateful for… Continue Reading →

Showers for Algernon

One of my favorite books growing up still stays with me, resonating strongly. Briefly, a surgery procedure is developed that will increase one’s I.Q. However, the effect turns out to be short lived. The human subject to the experimental surgery,… Continue Reading →

it could always be worse

so… um… i was cleaning my ear (with a properly designed tool for the action) in the shower — and I see what I believe is a long hair on the shelf… so while continuing the grooming process, i grab… Continue Reading →

a little light

I started my first week back to full-time independent contracting — and Monday was a good day. Then yesterday I got sick; I’m still sick. It kind of laid me out — knocked me off course. HOWEVER… it didn’t take… Continue Reading →

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