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two amigos; love & hope

I really am grateful for hope and love… There is an ease in bringing hope to consiousness… sometimes it can be quite challenging for me to have faith; to be hopeful. However, if I put some energy to it it… Continue Reading →

always hope

(am i cheating by only posting this song? it really does say it all for me right now… this is what i am grateful for. with our imagination, all things imagined are possible… imagine peace)


Tonight; this morning? Before I head off to bed… a full day of work behind me… I am grateful for Hope. I believe it is ever present; without prejudice or judgement—it is ever present in the worst of times and… Continue Reading →

Inspiration and Hope

I have something that is on my mind… it has been for a few days—weeks even. Though really pressing the past 24 hours. Slavery. It is painful to learn the depravity that human beings are willing to subjugate others to…. Continue Reading →

A New Hope

Today I am grateful for Hope. It is always there… waiting, calmly, quietly. Its nature is consistent—and in its consistency is the quiet. For that which is eternal needs not defend itself. When I’ve flailed and thrown myself against my… Continue Reading →

Gracefully Fallen

gracefully falling through twilight’s last gleem the escense of hope remains as a dream sulfur and fury blue smoke wafts through children lie dying one’s will remains true to a throne long decayed royal robes strewn tattered and frayed rendered… Continue Reading →

I have blisters on my …. mind

Life is busy and then so am I.  It is something that I am grateful for!  I create a schedule for working with my clients and because of necessities, by other people and other clients, this schedule that I create… Continue Reading →

Lost without you…

This morning as I was riding on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, (BART), into San Francisco, I lost my cell phone.  I had put it in the pocket of my jacket; and it must of slipped out, onto the seat… Continue Reading →

steps & feet

There really is so much I am grateful for… Today ~ I am awed and amazed to have so many incredible beings in my life. Truly, my cup runneth over. It’s been a challenging road for a few years now… Continue Reading →


Today is Valentine’s Day. I hope everyone practices and appreciates Love everyday; doesn’t just wait for 2/14. And today? Today I am grateful for someone who entered my life and opened my eyes as to what Love truly is. And… Continue Reading →

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