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two amigos; love & hope

I really am grateful for hope and love… There is an ease in bringing hope to consiousness… sometimes it can be quite challenging for me to have faith; to be hopeful. However, if I put some energy to it it… Continue Reading →

always hope

(am i cheating by only posting this song? it really does say it all for me right now… this is what i am grateful for. with our imagination, all things imagined are possible… imagine peace)


Tonight; this morning? Before I head off to bed… a full day of work behind me… I am grateful for Hope. I believe it is ever present; without prejudice or judgement—it is ever present in the worst of times and… Continue Reading →

Inspiration and Hope

I have something that is on my mind… it has been for a few days—weeks even. Though really pressing the past 24 hours. Slavery. It is painful to learn the depravity that human beings are willing to subjugate others to…. Continue Reading →

A New Hope

Today I am grateful for Hope. It is always there… waiting, calmly, quietly. Its nature is consistent—and in its consistency is the quiet. For that which is eternal needs not defend itself. When I’ve flailed and thrown myself against my… Continue Reading →


Today I am grateful for communication… for all those with the patience and wisdom of their strength to show up and communicate. If left to my own devices and imaginings, I truly would be a lost cause; a lost soul…. Continue Reading →


Tonight I am grateful for archives; tools of teaching that hold up what was… A search for hope on our blog brings up an interesting array of posts. There is one from 2012. In it I can see that my… Continue Reading →

right now… mi familia

I really am grateful for my family. Today is a bit of a grind; and each and every one of my family that I think of brings a smile to my face. I hope i retain the gumption to remain… Continue Reading →

Parenting in the USA

With all of the turmoil that is being portrayed in the media right now, it seems as if the US is heading towards a race war.  The Lemmings are following the leaders in the media and are forgetting how to… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am grateful for my dreams… And the hope they continue to feed me with.

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