Tonight I am grateful for the online opportunity that Holly Shaw created – a Zoom meeting for comic writing… with feedback.

I got to dip my toe back into the creative waters… a safe dip in the shocking waters of live performance.

She gave us a few prompts and a 1/2 hour to come up with something… I chose “Write an ode or a serenade to a body part that doesn’t normally get too much attention.”

I came up with…

little left toe
i jam you so
’cause you always hurt the ones you love

i really do care
about you living down there
we rely on you, all us above

yet still i insist
that you never be missed
when a wall or chair shows its face

perhaps a past life…
you caused me some strife?
so i’m keeping you checked and in place

oh little left toe
i do love you so
i do so without fail

swelled as you are
you’re still my bright star
there’s a door – i recommend you bail