Today I drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to Southern Orange County. It was an easy drive; that is it was easy until I arrived in the city of Burbank. This is when highway 5 came to a complete stop!! It wasn’t even three o’clock in the afternoon, just a little before. Traffic stopped and I thought, yep, I am in Los Angeles. From that point until I reached my destination, it took almost as long as it took me to get from the East San Francisco Bay Area to Burbank.

It was okay though. I believe that I only became frustrated with one driver at some point; the rest of the time I was just cruising, inch by inch, biding my time. At one point, I think that I was by the L.A. Zoo, I considered jumping out of the car, running five cars in front of me, to grab an orange off of the pick up truck that had a bed full of oranges. Most of the time that I was stuck in traffic I was on the phone with my Partner, Grace. Talking with her helped me pass the time, not caring about the traffic because I was talking with her. She even admonished me, when I became upset with the one driver that I was frustrating me.

So today I am grateful that I made it safely to Southern California. I am grateful that my sister made some really good tacos for dinner, that my brother in-law bought ice cream for dessert; but I really am grateful that Grace called me and kept me company throughout my trip, but especially through the city of angels. Just another reason that I love her so.