This month I am reading two books; one that I have never read, “Spies of No Country” and one that I am reading for the third time, “Think and Grow Rich”. The first book is about four gentlemen who worked as spies for the country which was not yet formed, Israel. The second book is one that was written by Napoleon Hill and one that I think should be required reading for all college freshman.

Both of these books have one common theme, and that is persistence prevails. In 1948 when the British Empire pulled out of Palestine, everyone thought that the greater Arab forces would force all of the Jewish people out of the region. Today we recognize the Jewish State, (country) of Israel. Every successful person or endeavor has one basic principle and that is persistence. The may fail many times but that does not stop them from persuing their final goal.

I am grateful to read books of this sort; books that keep me focused on my goals and the basic practices that I use to obtain them. I am also grateful for the local library, where I obtained these books to read.