As things are happening around me and life is changing for me, all of which I am happy about and grateful for, I am being asked to exit my comfort zone and to expand my safety zones.  Maybe expand is not the correct term; I am being asked to leave them behind.  It is the correct thing for me to do, if I want to achieve and succeed with my vision of life. If what I truly want, is what I say that I want, then I need to be content with the consequences of my actions, if the rewards really do out weigh the consequences. I believe that they do.

One person comes to mind when I think and meditate on this; that person is Dan Pena, the 50 Billion dollar man. Here is a person who has no trouble calling you out and telling you that you should never have been born, if you don’t leave your comfort zone. How badly do you want to succeed? What are you willing to do for it?

So I may not agree with his personality or style, but I do understand what Dan Pena is saying. So today I am grateful for the people who remind me that I have goals and visions that I want to achieve; and that I just may have to sacrifice a lot to obtain them. I know that in the end, it will be more beneficial for all of my family and friends.