I think there are two elements that creates one to choose to acquiesce* to what is:

  1. hopelessness
  2. success

And there is one tool that I am grateful for tonight that I believe helps prevent one from acquiescing: an accountability partnership.

I have had one with my brother for a few years now; and I am grateful for it. For his willingness to continue to partner in it with me. As I said to him this evening, I want to always be responsible for my happiness and the life I live. However, there are some things, choices, tools, that support one’s drive.

I remain driven to live an extraordinary life; one that I am happy to be immersed in—seeking connection with what is real and infinite, like the universe we live in.

Both my brother and I missed 100% completion of our accountability list from last week. He was back on it early this morning… and I’m damn grateful for that.

We gettin’ it done this week!!

* “accept something reluctantly but without protest”