Back in the late Sixties and early Seventies we thought that the Jetson’s and Star Trek were far fetched and would never happen in our lifetime; at least that is what I thought. Now, there are cars and trucks that are able to drive themselves, robots are working in factorys and warehouses; people are smashing protons with lasers. We even are able to communicate through little handheld devices and on our wrist-watches. I just recently heard that there is a company in Southern California that, for a monthly fee, will help you commute by flying you over the traffic. What seemed far fetched, is now upon us.

As much as I would like to string the person up, with an electrical harness, who put a computer into a car; I have to admit that when everything is working correctly, I do enjoy the benefits of modern technology. I am very grateful that I am able to talk with and even see my loved ones who are half a world away from me. It let’s me know that they are safe and all is well within my little world.

Thank you Lord for all that you have given to me, my family and my friends. Keep us, all of us, healthy and safe, Lord! Amen!