The title of today’s blog is courtesy of my mother. This is one of her sayings; meaning if you do not ask, you will not receive. I was having a conversation today with one of my new business partners and he expressed the same thing. If you do not ask, he said, then you will not get what you want.

Today I am grateful for this gentleman and his other two business partners who have invited me to join their new venture that they are putting together. I have already started helping them get their business started as a consultant and I was going to ask them if there would be an opportunity for me to join them as a partner, but this one gentleman beat me to the punch; he asked me if I was interested in joining them as a partner. Of course I accepted.

So two things that I have learned and that I am grateful for:

1. ASK THE QUESTION! Do not hesitate! “No” is always in your pocket.

2. The Lord is being very good to me and I appreciate his patience with me…so I will procrastinate less and ask more often.