Over these past ten years, I have met with successful people and I have read books written by people whom I would consider successful.  What is successful?  Well they are happy with where they are at in life; most of them have plenty of time as well as the financial ability to do whatever they want.  I am learning from these people.  The one thing that they have in common, is that they have certain habits that they follow, like a religion.  These may be different habits for the different people; but they all have and follow their habits.  They do not deviate!

So I have created certain habits for my self; and I am finding that when I follow these habits and do not deviate, I am more productive! I also know that in the Distribution Industry, when you put processes into place and follow these processes, your business becomes more effective and efficient. Again, taking a page from effectiveness and efficiencies, I am always working on how I can be more productive. My habits and practices seem to be working, because I am happy with where I am at with my life. I am currently working on the fiscal portion of it, so that I may do what I want, when I want; as well as being able to help others.

Today I am grateful for those people who have traveled the road ahead of me and who have been willing to share and map out their path to happiness and success!