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Month January 2020

It’s Free….

Well maybe not free, but darn close. This past summer was spent living in a couple of hotels, while I worked up in the Seattle area. I acquired quite a few points for hotels, car rentals and airlines; five months… Continue Reading →

Poet’s delight; take flight… land somewhere safe

poet’s delight take flight land somewhere safe somewhere called home and know you’re not alone My strongest, earliest memory of Syd is when he wasn’t Syd at all… not yet, I don’t think. He and I had just pulled off… Continue Reading →

Habits & Processes

Over these past ten years, I have met with successful people and I have read books written by people whom I would consider successful.  What is successful?  Well they are happy with where they are at in life; most of… Continue Reading →

Laughter is the best medicine

Today I am grateful for a life full of smiles and laughter.  I have always thought that if you are not able to laugh at yourself then life is not worth getting out of bed for.  I love to laugh! … Continue Reading →

Walk forward as if

Tonight I am grateful for all the support; people willing to listen, share, push… There is an infinite, abundant, endless amount of support I received today. I am not sure about the outcome of efforts. I gotta tell ya, I’m… Continue Reading →

“No” is always in your pocket!

The title of today’s blog is courtesy of my mother. This is one of her sayings; meaning if you do not ask, you will not receive. I was having a conversation today with one of my new business partners and… Continue Reading →

Platforms of change

I am grateful for all those that had the foresight and courage to use their public platform for healing and positive evolution; temporary teachers of truth.

a foxy kind of stand

today, I’ve had a wonderful day of classic rock. It started when the Alice morning show (shout out to Sarah) talked about the epic rock of Thin Lizzy… so this late afternoon I threw on Life as I was working:… Continue Reading →


Back in the late Sixties and early Seventies we thought that the Jetson’s and Star Trek were far fetched and would never happen in our lifetime; at least that is what I thought. Now, there are cars and trucks that… Continue Reading →

Closer to the heart

Today, I am grateful for the music of Rush; eloquently driven lyrically and rhythmically by one Neil Peart. A sonic genius on skins; a clash master on metal. He wove masterful lyrics to help teach, of course aided by the… Continue Reading →

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