Several years ago, my oldest son and I moved some office furniture into my upstairs office.  It was not easy; and it would have been even harder if there had not been an elevator in the building.  Today I packed up and closed that office.  I am moving my office into my house, it is a much easier commute.

I didn’t even bother asking my son if he would help me move, because the office in the house is upstairs and there is no elevator.  I heard that there are some Starving Students who do moving as a side gig, so I contacted them.  I don’t know if the two gentlemen who moved my office are really students, they are just a bit younger than me, but they did a great job!  Now my office is moved, my back is not sore and I have not cursed all morning!  YEAH!!!

I am pretty sure that is some of the best money that I have spent this year! I am so grateful for professional movers!!!