Today is probably my last full day of working with my client up here in Washington; tomorrow I will try to leave a little early in the afternoon and catch an evening flight back home.  I spent some time with one of the new supervisors these past two days working with him, showing him which reports to look at, how to use the other departments to help him accomplish some tasks and advising him to make sure that he holds his team accountable.  He was appreciative and thanked me for taking the time to spend with him.

I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had working up here and I am grateful for all of the support that I have received while I have been working here.

I believe that, and this is my own belief, that when we are blessed by God with goodness in our life, it makes sense to share that goodness. To be charitable. This doesn’t mean donating large sums of money all of the time; it could mean working a half day and then donating your time the rest of the day helping someone else.

Share your love, be charitable with it. I am grateful that I am able to do these things, now.