We are all children of the Creator, who ever that is for you.  You may call your creator whatever you like and there have been many prophets that have preached on the creators behalf.  They all pretty much preached the same thing, a belief in the Creator and love one another.  We should not look down on others, we should strive to help them.  We should do our very best to always come from a place of love; loving ourselves so that we may share that love with others.

I am grateful for the ability to step out of my comfort zone and to greet and converse with complete strangers.  These past few months, most of my time, when I am not working, has been spent at the Residence Inn up in the Seattle area of Washington.  I am truly grateful for their evening mixers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of every week.  At these mixers the hotel serves free beer from the tap and free wine, as well as food and snacks.  The guests are encouraged to sit in the dining area or bar and socialize.  The hotel management and sales team walk around and converse with each guest, making sure that they are happy with their stay and to find out little about the guest.  It really is a great way to get out of the hotel room and have some conversation, meet new people and is some cases, even make some business connections.

Coming from a place of love, it is much easier to be comfortable talking with strangers.  For this I am grateful!