This evening I was blessed to attend a fund raiser for a Catholic High School.  I did not attend this school and neither did any of my children.  I was there to see my younger sister and to support the guest speaker, Dr. Lauren Clark Lek.  My sister works with Dr. Lek and we grew up with her; her parents were our neighbors at one time.  They had the house that all of the kids use to hang out at; even before they had children of their own.

The fund raiser was raising funds specifically for the schools scholarship fund. The President of the school stated that about eighty percent of the students receive some sort of assistance. Dr. Lek is an alumnus as well as former principal of this high school. She gave a very moving speech, telling the audience how three defining moments happened when she attended the school as a student. She talked about how she felt like the staff really cared for her, both when she was a student as well as when she was an administrator. The school was an extension of her family.

So it was nice to watch Lauren up on stage, talking to the audience. It was great seeing her parents, younger brother, her husband, sister in-law and my younger sister as well. Two table were mostly family. The school is a family and everyone in the audience was sharing their generosity. That is what a family does. It takes care of their own.

So I am grateful that I was able to attend and I am very grateful for the people who sat next to me.