The Gratefulness Series

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November 2019

Workin’ on it…

Today is probably my last full day of working with my client up here in Washington; tomorrow I will try to leave a little early in the afternoon and catch an evening flight back home.  I spent some time with… Continue Reading →

lunch & bed

Today i had lunch with some HFLA benefactors.. And having woken up at 3:30am this morning, which I’m also grateful for, I’m grateful I have a bed to sleep. And I’m grateful I did this post…  

Thrice Right

So to complete my trilogy and my thought processes.  I believe that we all have the capability to love and to share our love, making this world a better place for all. I am grateful for the love that I… Continue Reading →

Giving people

Tonight I am grateful for the people in this world who understand that generosity is a God given grace.  These past few years I have been working on surrounding myself with more generous people; not because I need their generosity,… Continue Reading →


having spent most of last week without electric service… and due to a main pipe clog where i live, without major water usage… as i get ready to start the dishwasher after a few weeks without… tonight: I am grateful… Continue Reading →

Let it be known

We are all children of the Creator, who ever that is for you.  You may call your creator whatever you like and there have been many prophets that have preached on the creators behalf.  They all pretty much preached the… Continue Reading →

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