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November 2019


Today is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States of America.  I am thankful and grateful for family and friends…now I am grateful that i remembered to write this, before I fall asleep.

Vinyl Black Wednesday Party

Holy Christ! I almost forgot… I was invited to work a gig last night at Sweetwater by All Seeing Eye Dog Productions. The gig is tonight; and I almost forgot about. I’m not sure what sparked the memory for me—what… Continue Reading →

Human Kindness

As you may or may not know, my mother lives in Southern Nicaragua. She absolutely loves it and has not intentions of ever moving back to the United States; there are times that I think that maybe I should move… Continue Reading →

well… grain o’ salt

tonight, the new moon which rises in the turbulent sea from which we sprang forth and wallowed in the evolutionary repose of calling angels forgiveness not withstanding i shall seek and find a ridiculous nature; flowing red currents of blood… Continue Reading →


This evening I was blessed to attend a fund raiser for a Catholic High School.  I did not attend this school and neither did any of my children.  I was there to see my younger sister and to support the… Continue Reading →

A night of gratitude

I’m starting to see what my brother sees — there is so much to be grateful for. I’m grateful for my friends & and family… grateful for the trust and the loan. Grateful for the work I did today; the… Continue Reading →

I am growing up….

At least I think that I am.  I am becoming more focused on myself, which in turn allows me to focus more on others.  I read, watch and listen everyday.  I am always learning, expanding my vision and horizons.  I… Continue Reading →


Heute Abend bin ich dankbar für meinen Geisteszustand. Ich kenne die Depression seit einigen Jahren ziemlich gut. UND … vielleicht habe ich einige positive Lektionen aus dem Leben gelernt, als ich die gefährliche Dunkelheit überquert habe; oft ohne Hoffnung in… Continue Reading →

Workin’ on it…

Today is probably my last full day of working with my client up here in Washington; tomorrow I will try to leave a little early in the afternoon and catch an evening flight back home.  I spent some time with… Continue Reading →

lunch & bed

Today i had lunch with some HFLA benefactors.. And having woken up at 3:30am this morning, which I’m also grateful for, I’m grateful I have a bed to sleep. And I’m grateful I did this post…  

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