This week I am in Nicaragua visiting my 83 year old mother.  I am having a great time, relaxing a little, but driving a lot; as my mother is taking me around to meet a lot of her friends and to look at some business opportunities.  I have also officiated one soccer game and, using a translator, worked with a couple of local referees, giving them tips for being an Assistant Referee.

I am so very grateful that: 1) that my mother is still extremely healthy at the age of 83  2) That my mother really does have a lot of friends here in Nicaragua, who really do care for her.  3)  That I am meeting new people and new friends.  4) That I am just a little crazy enough to look at some business opportunities in a Third World country.  5) and not last or least, I am grateful to hear, see and feel the Pacific Ocean every day of the week.

I am grateful to be able to laugh and relax, with family and friends.