The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


October 2019


It is very gratifying to me, to walk into a facility that I have worked at and have employees, including upper management and sales people, tell me that it is good to see me back.  It let’s me know that… Continue Reading →

you can’t cut our power

Today is an easy post. I am grateful for a hot shower, a warm meal, the ability to work, visiting with friends… And mostly, for the friends that put me up in their home while PG&E throws their weight around,… Continue Reading →

Once again….

This evening I am back at a desk at the Residence Inn, in Seattle, writing this blog.  I am back working with one of my clients up here.  I received the call last week; cleared my schedule and here I… Continue Reading →


You reap what you sow; and if you have a positive attitude, you will have a great life! Lately some really good things are happening! I am so grateful to be working with some new people and partners

The Beat Goes On….

There is a lot happening; and there is a lot to be grateful for.  Opportunities arrive and if your eyes are open as is your heart and mind, you will recognize these opportunities. If you act on them, some of… Continue Reading →


There is one thing that I know that I really missed while I was traveling these past five months….my Gibson The Paul guitar.  I love music and I really enjoy playing my guitar; I just don’t do it enough.  So… Continue Reading →

stay healthy, my children

The beginning of this week, I saw a friend sitting in his car in the local Safeway parking lot… contemplating. I asked him how he was. He sighed, “Well, I just took a friend home from a clinic. He found… Continue Reading →

Change, Please….

I am extremely grateful for the week that I just had, down in Nicaragua.  Traveling with family and friends, laughing, relaxing and hanging out on the beach was truly the best! I am extremely grateful for the support and advise… Continue Reading →

Home is Where the Energy Is

Today I am grateful for my family’s home, just down the street. They have energy; I do not. So I am grateful to hang out with friends and family at The Maples, plugged in, and getting some work done.


This week I am in Nicaragua visiting my 83 year old mother.  I am having a great time, relaxing a little, but driving a lot; as my mother is taking me around to meet a lot of her friends and… Continue Reading →

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