The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


September 2019

What Ever….

This is one of those….I am so grateful for everything! Is this going to be one of the famous two line post?  Yep, it probably will be; but I am truly grateful for all that I have been given.  I… Continue Reading →

and the world is born in time

sometimes, by the flowing stream of gentle rains, i rest… feeling the still depth of my soul darkness flowing slowly up and out into the grey skies of eternal paths mossy, stone embankments sooth my eyes water splashing up to… Continue Reading →

Strong Support

When you are standing in a storm, it is always nice to have some sort of shelter.  Today was a storm!  A lot of different things were going on, both professionally and personally. I was able to talk with a… Continue Reading →

Good things happen if you allow them.

This evening I am very grateful for all of the good things that have come my way, throughout my life; and the good things that are still to come. I am very blessed and I am very grateful for all… Continue Reading →

Helping others …. or myself.

Lately I have been thinking about how I can help my fellow humans; all of them, the people who are all around me.  How can I be a beacon of light and love for this world?  What can I do… Continue Reading →

tightrope walking blindfolded

i am grateful for mindfulness practice for that which helps bring into light the shadowed figments of my imagination which helps me question my motivation and thought that which brings me closer to living as the person i wish to… Continue Reading →

It is as it is

Today I really have a lot to be grateful for. There is a long list of things. First, I woke up! So every day that I wake up, I am grateful. It is another day of learning and enjoying this… Continue Reading →

The Great Unknown

One of my brothers once said to me that he always keeps a giant question mark over his head. This statement has stuck strongly with me a few decades now. It opens me up, keeping me in a beginner’s mind-set…. Continue Reading →

It is a beautiful Day!

This past weekend in the United States of America we celebrated Labor Day. I really am not too familiar with the history of Labor Day, other than most people get the Monday off, so they have a three day weekend…. Continue Reading →

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