Hmm, have I used that title before?  Today I am writing this from my hotel room in the Seattle area of Washington.  I have been here for three months, so far; and I do not know when I will be leaving for home.  Becareful what you ask for.  Since I have been in Washington all summer, I have not swam in my pool or visited a California beach all summer.  These are two things that I really look forward to.  Becareful what you ask for.

This past weekend I did travel to the Central Valley of California to meet with three people who are beginning a project that will involve warehousing.  It was an excellent meeting and I am very excited to be working with them.  There are things that I will be able to learn from them, while I drive their project towards success.  Always ask, otherwise you will not receive.

Life is good, but I miss the beach!