One of my favorite books growing up still stays with me, resonating strongly. Briefly, a surgery procedure is developed that will increase one’s I.Q. However, the effect turns out to be short lived. The human subject to the experimental surgery, Charlie, at one point can recognize that he is reverting back to his former intelligence. He knows the life he was living and can no longer live it — no longer having the emotional and academic intelligence to live as he was. He can read papers he authored; but no longer understands them.

This seems like an incredibly sad fate; something still alive inside which one is unable to express…

And there are incredibly, deeply sad moments in life… which are not celebrated. How great would it be in one’s dark night of the soul for another to communicate, “that your heart also matters”?

So; today I am grateful for my capacity for sadness/grief… the people who see me in my depths and share empathy… and for the creative mind that sees the beauty and healing in an abortion shower.