A little over two months ago, I received a text message asking me if I was ready to do some work; being a consultant, that answer is always, YES! That afternoon I was on a plane heading to Seatac airport in the state of Washington. I have been in Washington ever since; and it does not look like I will be leaving any time soon. Those of you who have followed this blog, know that I really enjoy the summer, especially living in California. There is always a trip or two to the beach and every day is spent pool side with a cold beverage in hand. I LOVE my summers.

The Summer in Seattle is a little different than that of California. There have been several days these past two months, where I swear it was winter. The rain coming down in buckets, my windshield wipers going as fast as they can and it is still hard to see, when I am driving. Even on clear days, like today, there is always a cloud or two somewhere on the horizon. Yesterday was overcast all day. Also, the beaches in this area are nothing like a California beach. That is just my biased opinion. So am I a little disappointed to be spending my entire summer in the Seattle area? Maybe?

What I am grateful for, is the beauty that surrounds this area. The lush green foliage. The sun setting behind the clouds that are always on the horizon; and the one thing that I will never get tired of seeing, on the days that I am blessed to see it…..Mt. Rainier towering over the landscape. There are not many days that the mountain is visible; it is usually covered by clouds, but there are days, like today, where it stands forth with all of it’s majestic glory. Just incredible and beautiful! I am grateful that I am able to see it as well as visit it.