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Month July 2019

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i am grateful for my children across the sea i’m grateful for the laughter gifted to me i’m grateful for the course that moves through my night i’m grateful for the balm that eases my fright i am grateful for… Continue Reading →

Life, it happens….

No matter what you do, life will happen; unless you choose to end it.  This is not something that I recommend! I have had some interesting conversations lately, with family members and peers.  Some of the conversations were based on… Continue Reading →


A little over two months ago, I received a text message asking me if I was ready to do some work; being a consultant, that answer is always, YES! That afternoon I was on a plane heading to Seatac airport… Continue Reading →

Showers for Algernon

One of my favorite books growing up still stays with me, resonating strongly. Briefly, a surgery procedure is developed that will increase one’s I.Q. However, the effect turns out to be short lived. The human subject to the experimental surgery,… Continue Reading →

There is a lot to be Grateful for….

I have my health, my business is growing, my daughter came up to visit me this past weekend; and we had a great time traveling around North East and West Washington. One of my business partners flew up to spend… Continue Reading →


Yesterday my daughter flew up to Seattle to spend a few days with her old dad. I am going to take a couple of days off from work so that she and I can hang out together. We are planning… Continue Reading →

it could always be worse

so… um… i was cleaning my ear (with a properly designed tool for the action) in the shower — and I see what I believe is a long hair on the shelf… so while continuing the grooming process, i grab… Continue Reading →

With Respect

Today I am grateful for the continued growth and learning that is in my life.  Every day I am learning something new.  I know that I am not able to do some things by myself; and I am grateful for… Continue Reading →

Just a reminder

There is a lot of things going on in my life right now. I am grateful for the people that continue to support me and who choose to disrupt things, so that I can continue to grow.

a little light

I started my first week back to full-time independent contracting — and Monday was a good day. Then yesterday I got sick; I’m still sick. It kind of laid me out — knocked me off course. HOWEVER… it didn’t take… Continue Reading →

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