The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


June 2019

Beautiful People

Today I am grateful for all of the beautiful people that I know.  People who are beautiful, inside and out! They make life worth living.  They help me make this world a better place for everyone to live. Currently I… Continue Reading →

It is an annual thing…

So this is my annual post about how much I love the summer season.  So we have not reached the summer solcise yet, but it is pretty warm up here in the Seattle area, and it is absolutely beautiful.  The… Continue Reading →

so much to be grateful for today – but if I had to pick just one…

i’d pick two. Today I am grateful for my Mom — more importantly, my relationship with my Mom. It is a deep, rich source of learning and growth. She inspires, she defies, she challenges me… and most importantly? She loves… Continue Reading →

Feast and Famine

Famine makes you stronger and possibly smarter. Feast is something to be cherished and shared. I am grateful for both.  

I am not complaining

Well I just read what I posted on Tuesday and it is pretty obvious that sleep was lacking when I wrote that.  Tonight is about the same.  There are some long days in my life right now; and I am… Continue Reading →

recogiendo a mi hija de Miami

I am grateful to be picking up Robyn & Pichu from the airport tonight… Looking forward to hearing a couple of Miami stories! And I’m grateful for an interview tomorrow morning…


Once again, I am grateful for music.  It does the soul good. Write now, I am very busy; but my sould is at peace because of the music that surrounds me.  Brigitte is one of the contributors to my peacefulness,… Continue Reading →

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