This past week I was in Columbus Ohio, attending the WERC National Conference. WERC is the Warehouse Education Research Council, formed 42 years ago. It is something that I believe in, education and research. I sit on the Board for the local, Northern California Council and I am trying to get more people to get involved in our chapter. It was a good week and I am looking forward to good things coming out of my time in Ohio.

The best part of this trip, is the people who supported me, in going there. JoAnna Leon, from WERC National, who without her support, I would not have attended, Brigitte for believing in me and always supporting me, and my wife’s cousin, KT, for encouraging me to continue on down this path, that I am wondering on.

These types of people, are the base that I am using for the road that I am building, helping improve my life and the lives of others, in this world.