Yesterday was the 15th of April; we are half way through the month.  I have spent the past couple of months, working on increasing the sales and revenue of my company, without taking any pay.  I am putting the money back into the company.  Yesterday, I looked at a report and so far, this month, we have already more than doubled the revenue from last month.  I am not going to say that business is booming, but we are certainly heading in the right direction; and we will continue to grow our revenue.  I am grateful that some of the work is paying off.

Today, I spent the afternoon driving from Northern California to Southern California.  I will be spending a couple of days working with a client down here.  So I am grateful that I made the trip down, safe and sound.  I am grateful for ham sandwiches and cookies, that I ate, while driving.  I am grateful that there is LOVE in this world, and that I am able to give and receive it.