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Month April 2019

It isn’t Easy…

Today I am grateful for the people who help educate.  They don’t necessarily have to be teachers in a school. Educators are people who teach others, something that the other person does not know. I run into these types of… Continue Reading →

practice, practice, practice

Tonight, I am grateful for all those putting in the time to excel. For not giving up. For working their way through the grind and challenges that come up before a finished goal can be seen… AND—I keep the faith… Continue Reading →

I am a fool….

Today I am grateful for the people who continue to support my brother and myself; as we continue to grow and improve on our lives.  So thank you, to all of you.  I am grateful for you! When life becomes… Continue Reading →

Good things are happening….

This week I made a trip to Vista California, to work with a client.  While I was here, several people sent me business leads to follow up on, that are located in this area.  I don’t know if you believe… Continue Reading →

practice, practice, practice

Tonight I am grateful for the practice of mellowing the fuck out… no, seriously — learning to take a chill pill while remaining alive and engaged is a wonderful practice that I am adamantly engaged with… every mother fuckin’ second… Continue Reading →

Booming and driving….

Yesterday was the 15th of April; we are half way through the month.  I have spent the past couple of months, working on increasing the sales and revenue of my company, without taking any pay.  I am putting the money… Continue Reading →


This week, I forgot to write my blog on Tuesday; I am trying to write every Tuesday and Thursday.  The reason I forgot, is that I was in Scottsdale Arizona.  I had not planned on being there, but an opportunity… Continue Reading →

fallin’ down

I am grateful for the brothers in my life – young and old… and the sisters in my life; young and old… And those willing to take a breath, and come back, guiding me home when i’m lost. and I… Continue Reading →

Boys of Summer

This evening I am writing from my hotel room in Visalia California.  The heartland of California!  The Central Valley does not get much more Central than this.  When I checked into the the hotel, they gave me a small bag… Continue Reading →


Tonight I am grateful that my son was accepted into the Pathways program his senior year. I think it will suit his passion and the spirit of his learning better. It is a real blessing. I’m also grateful I got… Continue Reading →

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