This week I had planned to do a lot of work from my office, it has four wall, with no windows.  It is a good place for me to hide when I need to get work done.  One of the hazards of living on a vineyard, ranch or farm, things happen that you do not plan on.  So even though I had good intentions of working out of my office this week, instead, I have been working from home.

I really am grateful that I am able to work from my house.  It really is nothing to complain about.  My office is upstairs, in a corner of the house, there are windows on both sides of me, that give me spectacular views of vineyards, flowers and, right now, green hills.  I won’t complain and I will even be grateful!  It has been a productive week and the dogs seem to appreciate that I have stayed home with them.

Yep! I am grateful that I was able to work from the house, this week!