As I continue my life’s journey, I hit a speed bump or road that has a few pot-holes, but I continue to move forward.  Sometimes, it may seem like I hit a dead end, but that is just an opportunity for me to either build a new road forward or find a different direction always progressing forward.

Today I had planned on working on a project for a client, most of the day, testing a system making sure that it was integrating with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program.  I was about an hour into my testing when I was asked to stop, until further notice.  Hmmmm, since that is what I had planned on doing today…now what?  I took the opportunity to take care of some personal errands, that were not too important, but that I have been wanting to get done.

So today I am grateful for the little gems, situations that come our way, that may alter a course, but open a gate to another way.  Now that I have most everything accomplished…it is a beautiful day, and there is a local golf course calling.