I was never very good at Physics.  I did not like the math or having to remember different equations; but I am pretty sure, that physics has some sort of equation that states: “An object in motion, will continue in motion as long as there is force behind it.”  Maybe not; but it sounds good and it makes sense to me.  As long as there is a force, propelling an object, that object will stay in motion!

Today, I am that object.  I continue to add fuels to the fire, that is moving this train, me, forward.  I imagine that I am a train that has both freight cars as well as passenger coaches connected to it.  I have tools that I carry in the freight cars and the passenger coaches are for the people who I am surrounding myself with.  Both of these cars are important to my success and to the success of others.  I enjoy educating and helping others improve their businesses and their lives.  I enjoy bringing happiness into this world.  Right now, I have a vision of where these tracks are leading to and I navigate the switches, avoiding the dead-ends, so that I continue to move forward.  It may not be moving quickly at the moment; but I can tell you, that I am cresting one hill, getting ready for the momentum of coming down the slope.  I will use that momentum to carry me up the next hill.

Today I am grateful for all of the people who truly love me; love life and encourage me to be the best person that I can possibly be.