Through out the years that my brother and I have posted on this web-site, I have once or maybe twice mentioned the Law of Attraction.  Okay, maybe I have mentioned it more than twice.  I believe in it.  I learned about it from #TomHart and #SuccessSeries,LLC , then reading #ThinkandGrowRich by #NapoleanHill as well as #SuccessPrinciples by #JackCanfield.  I believe that a positive attitude creates positive things, happening in your life; therefore a negative attitude would do the same.  How you choose to look at life is how your life will be.

Today I toured the Logistics and Distribution Program at Patterson High School, in Patterson California.  They have a really cool program that is teaching students all aspects of Distribution Logistics.  They even have a semi-truck simulator in one of their classrooms.  The students controlled the tour, showing us all of the things that they do in their class and warehouse.  By the way, this program at Patterson High School, does all of the receiving, storing and shipping of school supplies for the entire school district.  Real world education.  There are several major distribution centers in Patterson, including Amazon, Restoration Hardware, Grainger as well as several others.  Most of these companies have internship programs with the High School, allowing the students even more, real world experience.  These companies are looking to hire these students, right out of high school, because they are generally more productive than somebody who walks off of the street.  They probably work safer as well.

As I was leaving the school, I gave my business card to both of the instructors who are running the program and let them know, that if they look for guest speakers, to talk with the students about warehousing and fleet management, that I would be happy to do that for them.  Most people have no clue as to what an important role distribution/logistic management is to our daily lives; but I guarantee that 98% of the product that you purchase, was sitting in a distribution center somewhere and probably arrived to where you bought it, on some type of truck.  The instructors said that they do, invite guest speakers and that they would take me up on my offer.  I will follow up with them, next week.

After touring the High School’s facilities, the group that I was with, then toured one of the big distribution centers that is located in Patterson, California.  It was an impressive facility with a wonderful company culture.  It had conveyor systems running through it, (yes I did ask who I should talk to about upgrading their conveyor system to a better one), all different types of MHE, (Material Handling Equipment), and a facilities team that was working hard to keep everything running smooth.  It is the type of company that I would have enjoyed working for, before I decided to start my own.  When the tour was over and we were leaving the building, a gentleman walked up to me and introduced himself, stating that he was in charge of the warehouse operations for his company.  He wanted to know if he heard correctly that I now did consulting for companies like his, helping improve processes in the distribution network.  I answered in the affirmative and handed him a business card.  He said that he could use some help at his facility here in Northern California as well as a second facility that is being opened in the mid-west.  I told him to absolutely give me a call and that my team and I will be happy to partner with him.

How does this tie into the Law of Attraction; and what am I grateful for today?  Well, just as I am willing to give my time and knowledge to share with the students of Patterson High School, a business opportunity was presented to me, later in the day.  Positive attracts positive.  I am grateful for the opportunities that surround me and present themselves to me; and I am grateful for a positive attitude.  Life is good….

I am also grateful for a free cup of Joe, from my brother!  ;-D