Today it is raining in the San Francisco Bay Area; once again.  I love it!  I am in a great mood!  Rain like this helps the water table on my property stay at an appropriate level, so that I know that my well will not go dry.  I am pretty grateful for that!  I can always buy water, at the store, for my family to consume, but all of our livestock….that is a lot of water!

I am also grateful for the support, love and opportunities that have come my way this past week.  Just like the rain keeps my well full, this love and support keeps my tinder box full of fuel; to feed the fire within myself, that continues to work on improvement.  Mix that fuel in the fire, with the water from the rain, exercise to keep the moving parts flexible, this machine, has a head of steam and is moving forward…fast!

A friend made the comment, recently, that one of my posts reminded them of the Little Engine that Could.  Well, if you set your mind to it and are determined, no matter what…you can do anything!!!