Complacency, currently is not an option in my life.  I have a deep belief that we should always strive to become better people; that we should want to always continue with our education.  I am currently reading three different books; yes it is possible.  I am teaching myself another language and I am surrounding myself with friends and coaches who push me to be more productive and to be a better person.

I mentioned to my brother last night, in conversation, that this train that I am the engineer of, is moving forward, gaining speed and is looking for passengers.  I am looking for other, like minded, people, who want to improve their lives and the lives of others.  I am really disappointed right now with the political division that is going on in my country.  I have never really been into the Politically Correct seen either.  South Park makes fun of the PC movement and I am laughing with them.  Say what you mean; be truthful, honest and a person of integrity.  If someone is offended by the truth, then they should reflect on why they are offended; it is not your fault.  You only told the truth…as you know it; maybe their truth is different.

Today, I am grateful for an open mind; continuing my education as well as my love for this world and the inhabitants of it.