A reminder that we are grateful

Month February 2019

Loving Life!

I am once again, going to write about how grateful I am for the life that I live.  Things are not always easy, but I live in a great house on a great property.  I have three great kids, that… Continue Reading →

Picking Up Steam!

Today it is raining in the San Francisco Bay Area; once again.  I love it!  I am in a great mood!  Rain like this helps the water table on my property stay at an appropriate level, so that I know… Continue Reading →

Good Times

tonight i am grateful for good music, good people whose bounty grows with age like fine wine, loving family… the gift that allowed me to see the guitarists below… it is not an easy life; and it doesn’t take much… Continue Reading →

Reap what you sow….

Through out the years that my brother and I have posted on this web-site, I have once or maybe twice mentioned the Law of Attraction.  Okay, maybe I have mentioned it more than twice.  I believe in it.  I learned… Continue Reading →

What I say….

How many of us have heard, “Do as I say, not as I do.”?  I am working very hard on living my life with truth, honesty and integrity.  It is not always easy!  I need to focus on who I… Continue Reading →

winter heart sleeps

mi corazón se eleva se balancea a la izquierda con las estrellas desafiando la gravedad porque sabe caerán las mareas tan seguro como se levantan y el camino a la luna solo brilla cuando esta lleno permitiendo milagros sobre el… Continue Reading →

Time well spent.

I was going to talk about how grateful that I am for the people in my life who have recently brought me back into focus.  Not wasting time or procrastinating too much; but I just wasted over fifteen minutes watching… Continue Reading →

This Train continues to Roll….

I was never very good at Physics.  I did not like the math or having to remember different equations; but I am pretty sure, that physics has some sort of equation that states: “An object in motion, will continue in… Continue Reading →


This morning I am grateful that the home in NC is sold. It isn’t a done deal as I write this; however, it does seem eminent as i signed paperwork for the title company last night. I have a lot… Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

Complacency, currently is not an option in my life.  I have a deep belief that we should always strive to become better people; that we should want to always continue with our education.  I am currently reading three different books;… Continue Reading →

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