Today I am grateful for the love that I feel for all of the people who surround me.  The concern that they have for my health; wishing me well with business and then offering advise and help.  Trusting me, that I love them as well.  It makes life a happy moment, each and every moment!

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses and others, have taught us, that if we love ourselves, for how and who we are, then we can truly love others, for how they are as well.  A few years back, I decided that I really do love who I am and that I choose to make my life a wonderful and happy one.  I am able to share my love with anyone who needs it.  When you love yourself, then anything becomes possible for you.  You set your fears aside and fill that space with love.  You attract even more love into your life.

It is this knowledge about love and having a strong love around me, that I am truly grateful for.

If this world was full of more love and less fear; what a wonderful world it would be!