The past couple of weeks I have written that I am grateful for moments and support; both have made these past couple of weeks just amazing!!  Last week seemed like it went on forever; which was not a bad thing!  It was such a good week, that I would have like to have it continue.  It did not, and now, we are into this week.  This week is flying by; which in itself is not a bad thing, because I have a couple of interviews next week that I am excited about.  They are not job related interviews but more of a personal growth interview; again, I am excited.

I realized last week, that I have let some good habits that I had, slip away.  NOT Good!  So after being honest with myself, this week I have put those habits back into my daily schedule, as well as a couple of new ones.  Already, I feel the momentum beginning to move me forward.

So I am grateful for the moments where my support team has kicked me in the ass, held my hand and said that you can do it; as well as stating that they are there to help me become a better person.  I feel that this wave that I am riding is just beginning to form.  It will get bigger and it will be a gnarly ride, but so worth it.  As I am able to help make this world a better place for all to live.